Print2Taste's Bocusini Gives 3D Printers the Ability to Make Printed Food

 - May 2, 2015
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The prospect of being able to create 3D-printed food is extremely alluring to tech-savvy chefs and makers, but the high cost of the machines is mostly what's preventing this technology from being part of restaurant experiences. But the development of Print2Taste's Bocusini could make 3D-printed food much more accessible.

Bocusini's components are designed so that a person who has already invested in a 3D printer can retrofit the machine for compatibility with food-based filaments. Additionally, the Bocusini will be sold as a complete standalone plug-and-play printer for those starting from scratch. Some of the delicious filaments that can be turned into edible art include bases made of chocolate, marzipan, jelly, cookie, vegetables and fruit juices.

Later this month, Bocusini will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to further the development of this system.