This Brownie Recipe is Infused With the Rich Taste of a Dark Ale

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: joythebaker & joythebaker
Kick your traditional brownie recipe up a notch by adding a pint of a dark ale for an added aromatic taste. Food blogger Joy the Baker shares an easy to follow recipe for making homemade boozy beer brownies right at home.

While you might be thinking that it's a little bizarre to find a can of beer have in a brownie recipe, the boozy beverage actually improves the texture. The consistency of a dark ale makes the brownies that much more dense and moist for an overall better brownie base. While there is half a cup of beer in the brownie mix, the flavor is masked by the chocolate so you don't even know it's there. All your left with is a deliciously dense and super moist confectionary that is sure to make your mouth water.