Beeq Vases by Vrouyr Joubanian Merge Past and Future Design

 - Apr 5, 2011
References: yankodesign
Some of the most compelling design concepts are a result of reinterpreting old forms with new materials and technologies, and this is what can be taken out of these Beeq vases by Vrouyr Joubanian.

The classic form of Lebanese water jugs is given new life in this collection of 3D-rendered receptacles, born of an entirely divergent method of molding. The colorful carafes are to be made of panels of DuPont Corian plastic, carefully cut to match the form of the flasks' vertical or horizontal cross sections, and pressed together to prevent the escape of the liquid inside. Providing a range of vibrant possibilities within each striped vessel, these Beeq vases by Vrouyr Joubanian demonstrate how age-old artifacts adapt to changing times.