The PlanTree Helps You Grow Quality Organic Food in Your Own Home

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: yankodesign & tuvie
It must be accepted that gardening is getting quite difficult for inhabitants of cities. The PlanTree is a thoughtful solution to the reduction of yard sizes and the existence of condo balconies in many best-case scenarios. This is a home cultivating contraption that allows people to grow all sorts of herbs, fruits and vegetables within their very own homes.

Nur Yıldırım's concept might seem complex, yet it's quite compact and incredibly user-friendly. A network of 10 flower pots within transparent capsules is linked by tubes, hoses and valves; it's supplied with ample illumination and it's monitored for pH value, moisture, water level, nutrition and light. The PlanTree system helps you to successfully grow and harvest healthy food with an efficient and delicious yield.