Fluidity by DesignLibero Employs Excess Water for Herb Irrigation

 - May 23, 2012
References: designlibero & notcot.org
It takes less effort and fewer resources to garden with Fluidity by DesignLibero. It will also cultivate a delicious culinary habit of putting fresh herbs into your home-cooked dishes. What's not to love?

Perfect for clean plates, this drying rack spaces your salvers out and allows them to drip dry, depositing excess water into the basin below. A sculpted bottom creates a pair of puddles within two opposite corners of the tray, immediately below little planters nestled into the kitchen accessory.

With perforated bases, the flower pots receive the liquid, which is then wicked up through layers of coconut fiber and clay pellets to nourish the roots of your basil and parsley. Fluidity by DesignLibero brings more greenery into your home and a greener way to maintain it.