The Tourn'N'soul Flower Pot Responds to a Room Full of People

 - May 4, 2013
References: renauddardaine &
The Tourn'N'soul Flower Pot relies on more than tender, love and care to thrive. It also flourishes in the presence of people. Kind of like a plant's response to the sun, the planter will open up and face outwards when in surrounded by activity and movement. But when the company has come and gone, it will retreat back into a state of solitude.

Designed by two students in product design and two students interactivity design, Renaud Dardaine, Emmanuel Julliot, Etienne Coutable and Meric Chaperon, all of whom are based in Nantes, France, the Tourn'N'soul Flower Pot is quite charming. The designers write, "We wanted to allow the plant to live more with people and interact with them. A plant is a living thing. She can live with us as a human."