The Metaphys Ienami Planters Combine Endearing Sculpture and Greenery

 - Feb 20, 2013
References: likecool
It would be a challenge to categorize these adorable Metaphys Ienami Planters. Evidently, they serve to hold and support lush greenery, but they also have a sculptural quality about them that has rendered them as charming playthings. Each flower pot has been modeled on the simplified form of a Japanese row house, complete with tiny staircases, doorways and real landscaped terraces.

Inhabiting the mossy tops of the indoor garden containers are lovely little figurines of grazing cows and horses. The setup would be so appealing to a child who might consider the Metaphys Ienami Planters to be like dollhouses. They can be arranged tightly together to take on a true townhouse-like configuration, connecting the little lawns to form a continuous yard for the toy animals.