The i-Flower is a Multitasking Object to Satisfy Three Senses

 - Sep 26, 2013
Flora Qiangwei Zhu stumbled upon an interesting article that discussed how music might increase the lifespan of certain plants. I cannot reference it here; however, I can show you the i-Flower concept that was born of this intriguing idea.

Earning second place in the I-MU Speaker Design Contest, this invention curiously combines a flower pot with an iPod dock. You would keep the contraption plugged into the wall to supply energy to your media player, enabling it to charge up and keep your favorite tracks coming. While half of it is dedicated to managing your playlist and projecting sound from the built-in speakers, the other is a compartment designed for growing greenery within a bed of soil. The i-Flower gives you something sweet to smell and see while it delights you with a melody.