This Stefano Merlo Design is for the Birds

Stefano Merlo is an Italian designer based out of Treviso, Italy who is well versed in minimalist, clean concepts. One of his latest creations, entitled 'Birdpot,' is a perfect example of this style.

His design centers around a single wooden bar running vertically from a planter into a flat pane at its top that serves as a feeding dish for small birds. Along the sides of this bar are smaller bars that protrude at right angles, allowing for vines and other plants to grow on it. The entire concept is cast in light, unobtrusive grays.

As Stefano Merlo explains on his Behance page, the Birdpot is intended to encourage a deeper relationship between people and nature. Its minimalist design is intended to let nature, be it birds or plants, take center stage.