cElements by Michael Hilgers is a Clever Way to Store and Sun Herbs

 - Feb 6, 2012
References: manufactum.de & notcot.org
Reminiscent of the IKEA Expedit series of shelves, cElements by Michael Hilgers takes on a five by five structure of cubic voids, but it's absent of any ledges. With a framework of galvanized steel rebar, it has been designed to suspend squared flower boxes in an unusual sort of way.

The thin but sturdy horizontal rods are hooked by the rims of the powder-coated steel planters so that they seem to float within the gridded scaffolding, neatly framed by the defining lines of one of the 25 compartments. The arrangement allows you to freely install greenery in the vertical direction, making it easier to tend to your herbs without having to bend over.

Another great benefit to cElements by Michael Hilgers is the way that the unit can act as a divider. When placed upon a balcony or porch, it can function as a privacy partition, all the while providing tiers of spaces for the sunlight to penetrate each flower pot.