Romeo & Juliet Bench Tells an Impossible Love Story Between Two Trees

 - Jan 8, 2012
Although it may appear to offer a remarkably romantic setting for two people to sit together, the Romeo & Juliet Bench tells a story about eternal separation which has nothing to do with the users of this unique piece. But in order not to paint a picture of a total tragedy, the lovely seating system addresses its star-crossed symbolism in a lighthearted manner.

Stijn Goethals, Koen Baeyens and Basile Graux of Extremis created this perch, in its most reduced dimensions, to incorporate two large flowerpots as supportive pedestals for the slatted wooden seat. Precisely-cut circular openings expose the soil inside the planters and allow elegant slender trees to be grow within. A continuous row of several units can be linked up for a long outdoor bleacher, but it's the relationship between two isolated trees that spark this tale of a hopeless partnership as the Romeo & Juliet Bench.