The Graf Von Faber-Castell Pencil is Immensely Pricey

Have luxury at your fingertips with the Graf Von Faber-Castel pencil. This highly priced writing tool is heavenly, crafted out of cedar wood with a 18 carat white gold extender accompanying its silver extender cap, with three diamonds placed on top.

This exquisite pencil marks the 240th anniversary of the Graf Von Faber-Castel collection, and nothing says celebration more than a lavish writing utensil. Balancing and placed perfectly atop the extender cap is a coat of arms with three diamonds symbolizing the "third millennium." This pencil is designed to impress any luxury lover that comes in contact with its glory. The sharpener is located inside of the extender, which also functions as a protective casing so that the pencil can sit safely in the pocket of the buyer without any harm to them or their clothing. This beautiful writing tool art is sold singly or in a pack of five. Though the single retail price of one is $13,400. This lavish tool definitely has all my mechanical pencil’s shivering in their cases.