Tooth Guardian Lets You Monitor Your Molars Through a Mirror Display

 - Dec 2, 2011
References: & yankodesign
It's hard enough to reach your back molars with a set of bristles, let alone catch a glimpse of what's going on back there. The beauty of the Tooth Guardian concept is that it incorporates a CCD video camera in the back of the scrubber's head, allowing you to survey unchartered oral territory.

While you're lathering up your bottom grinders with toothpaste you can take a peek of your top ones through the tiny lens. When the user has the Red Dot winning device switched on, the bathroom mirror features a live look at your pearly whites, lit up by the toothbrush's own LED light.

Designed by Chu-Che Chang, Shang-Hsuan Lu and Yu-Hsin Lin, the Tooth Guardian system comprises a pair of electric toothbrushes, the hi-tech wall-mounted mirror with a hidden screen, a lower ledge and a UV niche for sterilizing your dental utensils while charging with ultraviolet rays.