When You Buy From Smile Squared, They Give to a Child in Need

 - Jan 19, 2012
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Every time you brush you teeth with a Smile Squared toothbrush, you'll be helping clean another smile somewhere else in the world. Using a buy one, give one (BOGO) model, this social enterprise donates a toothbrush to a child in need for each toothbrush you buy. The toothbrushes are fair trade and protect the environment, making it a triple bottom line business.

Most of us buy toothbrushes without even thinking -- the bristles start to wear down, or we forget it in a hotel on vacation, and all we do is pop over to the next pharmacy or grocery store. That's not the case for everyone.

Part of Smile Squared's mission is to get its customers thinking about the products we buy, and about their social and environmental effects.

"Where will this product end up when I’m done with it? Is it a fair trade product? BPA free? Can my purchase have a direct impact on someone else who needs it?"

Smile Square started after Eric Cope and his wife took a trip to Central America in 2010 and witnessed how many children were suffering from preventable dental problems. They were inspired to create the business after seeing what a huge impact a simple hygiene tool can have on health and confidence.

They now sell biodegradable, recyclable toothbrushes with handcrafted bamboo handles for adults and children for $5.95, which covers the cost of a second toothbrush to send to a child without one.

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