Philips Spraying Toothbrush

 - May 15, 2008
References: & technology.newscientist
The next home dental hygiene tool to enter the consumer market could well be high pressure tooth spray. Sonic toothbrushes, while relatively effective, can't reach tough spots. Water picks, well, just pick at things. The idea of adapting high pressure hoses used to clean houses and cars to cleaning teeth is not new, but it had not been feasible until recently.

Philips, the electronics giant has now developed and patented a high pressure cleaning system that will do the job without damaging gums and teeth. The crucial trick turns out to be designing a spray head with a couple of probes to help the user set the correct distance. The next step for the company is to develop toothbrushes with inbuilt sprays. They haven't stopped there either. In another patent, a sensor for the spray will tell the user when the teeth are clean enough and thus to stop the spray.

For those who are on automatic pilot in the morning, this is a welcome addition to our morning routines.