The Tube-Squeezing Toothbrush Pushes Out the Toothpaste

 - Jun 21, 2011
References: catherinewerdel & core77
When I get to the end of a tube of toothpaste, I often find myself using the handle of my brush and the hard vanity surface to coax that last bit of the cavity-fighting concoction out. With the Tube-Squeezing Toothbrush, the task is rendered much simpler.

Catherine Werdel designed this oral hygiene implement, called "Auf den Detzten Drücker," with a clever slit down the center of the grip. The slot is long enough so that the end of a tube can be slipped in, but narrow enough that it can push the viscous contents down to the open end. With two hands and little skill required, you can easily press paste out, ensuring that those last few milliliters won't go to waste.