LUSH Dirty Toothy Tabs Eliminate the Use of Toothpastes

 - Apr 14, 2011
References: lush & finercut
Instead of toothpaste or mouthwash, why not change up the routine and pop some LUSH Dirty Toothy Tabs into your mouth?

The LUSH Dirty Toothy Tabs are essentially a toothpaste, but in the form of miniature tablets. When you put these tablets in your mouth and chew on them, they start to form a foam which you use to brush against your teeth. So don't freak out when you start foaming at the mouth because there's nothing wrong with you and it's suppose to happen.

This is definitely a product I think anyone would be interested in trying out. Plus, it'd be perfect to bribe your kids with in order to get them to brush their teeth -- just make sure they don't start popping these like skittles.