Dentistry Returns to its Naturalistic Roots in Sub-Saharan Africa

 - Jun 20, 2007   Updated: May 16 2011
Across sub-Saharan Africa you will find people chewing on sticks and twigs, this is nature's toothbrush. Users say that the sticks are more natural, cheaper, effective and medicinal than their plastic store bought counterparts and science is beginning to back them up. The wooden toothbrushes come in a variety of types with different medicinal properties such as good for stomach, good for your head or for easing toothaches.

Implications - It is hard to believe that sticks can actually be good for your health! Some health stores in the US are starting to sell "chew-sticks" as an alternative form of dental care. A professor at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry named Christine D. Wu states that "there are several documented studies which suggest that the cleaning sticks are at least as effective as normal toothbrushes."