The New Misoka Toothbrush Uses Ions to Clean Teeth Instead of Toothpaste

 - Apr 12, 2015
References: dezeen
While many of the recent dental hygiene innovations involve app-connected technology, a new design is paving the way for a world of nanotech toothbrushes. Debuted at Milan 2015 Design Week, the latest iteration of the Misoka toothbrush claims to offer a superior brush without the need for toothpaste.

Created by Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima in collaboration with Yumeshokunin, an Osaka-based tech company, the Misoka toothbrush boasts bristles that have been coated in nano-size mineral ions that are activated by dipping the brush head in water.

The sleekly designed Misoka passes on the ions during the brushing process, which helps build up a protective enamel coating and actively removes stains.

Although it may seem like a hyper-futuristic concept, it seems as though nanotech toothbrushes will soon be a reality.