From Molar Cupcakes to Intentionally Crooked Teeth

 - Jan 14, 2012
In recent years, teeth have been the inspiration behind a variety of toothy finds that are prevalent in the world of food, fashion and design. From tooth-inspired furnishings to delicious molar cupcakes, tooth-related products are on the rise. Whether seen in advertisements or art, toothy objects, ads and innovations are taking over the world.

The subject of teeth is no longer synonymous with dentists, as cavity-inducing objects like toothy teacups, daring dental designs and delightful denture soaps are taking over the market. Moreover, tooth-shaped art installations and bejeweled celebrity grins are also gaining attention as the fad continues to make waves. These innovations are fun novelties that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Show off some pearly whites with spectacular toothy finds that are both humorous and witty.