Teeth Art Tattoos are the Newest Fashion Trend in Japan

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: xbrand.yahoo.co.jp & japantrends
While dental decorations are a customary fad in parts of the United States in the form of grills, they genuinely pale in fashion sense and class when compared to teeth art tattoos, the latest fashion craze to engulf Japan.

As opposed to the gaudy, gold-plated mouthpieces comically associated with the hip-hop industry, teeth art tattoos are becoming a legitimate fashion accessory and a myriad of designs are offered in order to compliment the nail polish and lipstick of the wearer. Diamonds and rhinestones remain the most popular tattoo designs, although some companies extend customization options, at which point anything is possible -- from anime characters to witty phrases.

The process of attaching teeth tattoos is both safe and easy; Glue is applied to the enamel, an LED light fastens the tattoo to the tooth, where it will remain for a few days. It's difficult to gauge the international potential of this product, but one thing is for sure: teeth art tattoos are big business in the East!