From Anti-Theft Knapsacks to Fast Food-Inspired Bags

 - Aug 20, 2013
With September fast approaching, kids and teens should be looking out for back-to-school bags.

While getting a sturdy and durable bag is extremely important, style also comes into play. For kids in kindergarten who have nothing to carry but their lunches, a cute tutu-style bag or a cuddly turtle pack will ease them into the transition into school. Superhero and gamer fans never have to worry about not being represented in the backpack world. For an extreme Batman fanatic, the superhero crime-fighting pack is a must-have. Safety is extremely important to parents, and they'd feel more at ease sending their kid off to school with a siren-blasting pack, which activates an alarm with the wearer pulls on the right strap.

Whether you're into stylishly studded packs or want a laid back tie-dyed pack, the possibilities when it comes to choosing your perfect pack seem endless.