The Defender Backpack Keeps Items Secure with Features to Deter Thieves

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: quirky & damngeeky
Being pick-pocketed while abroad can ruin your trip, but with the Defender Backpack you'll never have to worry about unwanted hands getting into your bag. Strategically placed Velcro straps cover zippers, which means that if someone does try to unzip the main portion of the Defender Backpack that they'll make plenty of noise in the process.

The Defender Backpack features a back-facing panel in the lower portion, which is the perfect spot to put one's passport and money without fears of it being slipped out of a pocket. The main portion zipper disappears when closed to make accessing with a sharp object significantly more difficult.

With comfortable straps and a basic design that's still stylish, the Defender Backpack could become your new favorite travel companion.