The Glyde Gear Fly Lets You Ride Your Homework Home

 - Jul 15, 2013
References: glydegear & gizmag
Kids who don’t get rides to school can stop feeling resentful of their parents and jealous of their friends now that the Glyde Gear Fly is here. The Fly is a backpack that also functions as a scooter. The whole transforming scooter carry-on thing has been done before, as has the scooter backpack. That being said, this is the first scooter book bag that looks both safe to ride and not ridiculous.

Unlike other ride-on book bags, the Glyde Gear Fly successfully and safely integrates the bag into the scooter’s design. (Most other designs mount the bag on the platform behind the handlebars). Also, if you don’t want to ride your homework home but don’t want to carry your bag, then the Fly can be pulled like a rolling backpack. The Glyde Gear Fly is available now for $89.99.