The Ballistic Backpack is Designed to Keep Students Safe

 - Dec 22, 2012
References: amendment2 & dvice
The Ballistic Backpack is bound to split opinions. The backpack was designed by Amendment II (American Armor,) and is meant to be used to protect oneself when the bullets start flying. The Ballistic Backpack is designed to be used by people of all ages and comes in either "boy" or "girl."

The Ballistic Backpack sells for $300 flat. That price gets you armor that can stop a 9mm, .45 or .357 Magnum slug. For $100 more you can get armor strong enough to resist a .44 Magnum slug and a .357 SIG bullet. The Ballistic Backpack is bound to be looked at as an opportunistic item, and that's a fair critique. However, you can't ever be too careful. You can check out the many styles of Amendment II's Ballistic Backpack .