Yellow Teeth Have Never Looked Better

 - Apr 27, 2009
References: & gizmodo
You might think that there’s a party in your pants, but with this product, the party is definitely in your mouth. Blinged-out grills have kind of been out of the limelight lately, but media artist Daito Manabe loves to experiment with electronics hooked to his face and has created mouth grills outfitted with LED lights.

We’ve seen Daito Manabe’s projects before. Below, you can read about when Manabe attached electrodes to his face and systematically shocked himself for a bizarre form of face dancing.

For this project, however, experimental artist has put LEDs in his mouth with the help of his friend Motoi Ishibashi, who hopefully knows CPR. This kind of reminds me of the little tree toad that swallowed a tiny Christmas light.