Shining The Light On Your Teeth

 - Nov 17, 2006
The daily chore of cleaning your teeth just got easier, more fun, and definitely more interesting with the Special Toothbrush with Light and Mirror. Produced by the Chilean company Ribalderrama Ltd it provides the user with a powerful toothbrush to do the necessary cleaning of the teeth and gums but is also armed with a bright white LED light which illuminates the inside of your mouth and a small mirror which allows you to see exactly what your dentist does.

It comes in a range of bright colours and the battery operated toothbrush is aimed at both children and adults. It allows you to see the state (good or bad) of your mouth, gums, and teeth and makes dental care fun for children and let's just say interesting (and possibly worrying) for adults!

Also look out for the 'little' toothbrush (from the same company) which comes with toothpaste, dental silk (floss) and a toothpick all in the same compact and colourful design package; and provides dental care aimed at travellers, guests of hotels, ships cruises and passengers of airlines, trains, etc.

N.B. The website is currently Spanish only.