These Pepsodent Torsion Toothbrush Ads Will Make You Brush More Often

 - Mar 10, 2011
References: adofdamonth & copyranter.blogspot
If you have kids who don’t like to brush their teeth, just show them these Pepsodent Torsion Toothbrush Ads and they will surely be running to grab their toothbrushes.

Personally, I brush my teeth regularly, but looking at these print ads definitely makes me want to rinse, spit and floss after every meal. The ads convey that if you don’t brush, the remnants of food and bacteria will rot between your teeth to the bare bones. It’s pretty gross, but really hits home with having good dental hygiene.

The Pepsodent Torsion Toothbrush Ads may be a bit disgusting, but they also present the effects of bad dental care and the rotting consequences from not brushing really well.