Massage Chairs, Internet, Flavored Oxygen and Digital X-Rays

 - Apr 13, 2008
References: dentrix & waterviewdental
Today I surfed the internet and had a massage from the comfort of a... dental chair? That's right. There's no reason that going to the dentist has to be 'entirely' unpleasant, which is why cutting edge dental offices are liberating the dental experience with a combination of high-end technology and spa amenities.

My dentistry 2.0 experience comes from Waterview Dental, the office of Angelo Poulos and his partner Hammad Afif. The two launched their Toronto practice believing that more luxury and technology were needed in the field. After just a couple years, the success drove them to introduce a new office, Cityview Dental.

Here's a glimpse at some of the features at Waterview Dental:
* Integrated massage chairs
* Personal headphones
* DVD selection
* Pillows, blankets and personal warm towels
* Cappuccino bar
* Internet access available in the operatory and reception area

From a technology standpoint, my eyes were opened with the use of a Dentrix system. In short, the 42 inch screen in front of the dental chair is used for more than just DVD movies and surfing the internet. With the ability to zoom in on digital x-rays, store dental records, and educate patients, the system adds more quality to the dental experience.

In my case, the Dentrix system showed me a lot more info about my fake tooth. The dentist was able to zoom in very close to show me the issues with that tooth in a way I had never previously seen. When I asked if it would ever need to be replaced, he double clicked on the tooth, selected a video and showed me the different options in way that illustrated the trade-offs. Pretty cool.

The concept of luxury dental isn't completely new, but it certainly isn't that prevalent. In fact the dental office pictured, Lund Osler in London, was launched in 1998. Lund Osler strives to stay on the 'cutting edge' of dentistry while providing a pampered experience. The website notes, "You are simply required to relax into an environment that allows for the ultimate in time, privacy and luxury, while we deliver a truly positive experience that will improve your quality of life for years to come."

Hopefully the next decade will bring this dental revolution to the mainstream.