The LEO Legband Monitors the Body's Complex Bio-Signals

 - Jul 3, 2014
References: indiegogo & leohelps
The LEO Legband is the next evolution of fitness trackers. It utilizes a much more sophisticated system in order to monitor the body's complex bio-signals, translating the gathered data in easy-to-understand recommendations. As intuitive as similar devices, if not more so, the LEO Legband is a refreshing change from clip-ons, bracelets and other common designs.

Developed in Ottawa, Canada, the LEO Legband stands out because it adapts specifically to a person's individual physiology. This ensures that a safe and beneficial program is developed to target personal needs, not general ones. It focuses on such categories as muscle fatigue, hydration, balance and lactic acid to ensure that people lead healthier lifestyles in a manageable and achievable manner.