O2Amps Glasses Can Help Doctors Assess Oxygen Levels in Blood

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: changizi.wordpress & psfk
The people at 2AI Labs have created what they call the O2Amps glasses, a pair of sunglasses that can help users assess another person's emotions and health. It does this by evaluating the other person's skin color and pallor -- for example, the glasses can see the slight yellow or green tint that might indicate an upset stomach. However, the O2Amps go further than this and are able to detect changes that the naked eye cannot -- very subtle and minute changes humans simply don't notice.

Mark Changizi, the lead researcher on the project, is the brains behind the technology. According to him, the O2Amps glasses would be most applicable in a medical setting, helping doctors diagnose patients. The 2AI Labs team have come up with a set of three filters that look at the oxygenation levels of a person's blood, which will consequently help doctors perform tasks like finding a person's veins or determining the existence of trauma.