The Genie 03 Mechanical Watch Strays Away from Traditional Timepieces

 - Jan 20, 2015
References: breva-watch & gizmodo
The Genie 03 is a fabulous new watch, developed by Breva, that is fitted with its very own pop-up speedometer. While this function wouldn't raise many eyebrows if the watch in question was a smartwatch -- GPS has been around for ages now -- it's pretty impressive when you consider that the Genie 03 is a completely mechanical, traditional watch with gears and springs and no GPS.

The speedometer, which raises about half an inch above the watch's face when engaged, uses the speed of wind to determine the speed at which the wearer is running, riding or driving. This is done using a spinning set of Robinson cups located just below the display dial.

Those interested in tracking their activity while remaining stylish will appreciate this watch design.