This Samsung Gear S3 Strap Doubles as a Charger for the Wearable

 - Jul 24, 2017
References: yankodesign
Battery technology for wearables hasn't evolved to let them last for extended periods without requiring charging just yet, which is where this Samsung Gear S3 strap looks to offer a solution. The comfortable, ergonomic strap works to provide users with a way to affix the device to their wrist while also keeping their charging equipment on hand at all times. This is thanks to the design of the strap that allows it to transform into a charging cable when the device is low on juice for you to plug into a computer or outlet.

The strap is capable of being used to keep your smartphone or other devices charged without having to worry about carrying a separate cord with you. The Samsung Gear S3 strap is the design work of Hyunmook Lim, Garim Kim and Yuna Nam