- Aug 27, 2017
It's quaint in light of the August 2017 timepiece trends, but there was a time when the very idea of a wristwatch was the pinnacle of science, technology, and luxury. The fact that someone could carry around a device that would reliably tell the the time of day on demand was startling when it was first introduced. Though that basic concept no longer leaves people agog, cutting edge and modern science, tech, and luxury are still on display in timepieces today.

On the scientific front, Notaroberto-Boldrini's STEP Watches combine Swiss timekeeping with 3D printing to create luxurious, precise watches at a significantly reduced cost when compared to other Swiss products. Where luxury is concerned, brands haven't lost sight of the chic allure of the wristwatch for both men and women. Louis Vuitton, for example, released a new luxury smartwatch with fashion as a main selling point.

From 3D-Printed Swiss Wristwatches to Chic 24-Hour Timepieces: