The 'Piece of Time' Timepiece Concept is Minimal in Design

 - Jul 17, 2017
References: & yankodesign
Constantly checking your smartphone to ensure you stay on schedule is a great way to distract you from what you're presently doing, so the 'Piece of Time' timepiece concept is intended to eliminate the need for this. Designed by Ben Koros, the device works by being worn on the body as a pendant, bracelet or a clip in order to alert you when your next appointment or task is ready to be completed. The device features LED indicators that will show a countdown, so you can know how much time you have left with a single glance rather than having to look at your smartphone.

The 'Piece of Time' timepiece concept is a modern response to constant smartphone use and ensures you don't find yourself distracted from the task or person at hand.