Bytten Stacks Help You Personalize Your Tech

 - Aug 31, 2017
References: bytten & the-gadgeteer
Bytten stacks are helping individuals accessorize and individualize their wearable, smart technology. Apple watches and Fitbit trackers are commonly worn on the wrist of many consumers, and although they enhance day-to-day mobility, they simply don't offer the same customization as classic jewelry designs. 'Bytten Stacks' are plated brass rings that essentially act as jewelry for the band of your smart devices. Available in different sizes, colors and designs, Bytten Stacks were made to help transform the run of the mill wearable, into something that reflects your personal aesthetic.

The premium metal rings serve as a method of personalizing your tech, creating a more emotional bond between the consumer and the product. Available in gold, rose gold or silver, the rectangular rings can slide over the band of wrist worn technology, creating a variety of looks help separate your watch from everyone else's.