- Feb 5, 2018
Businesses are often quick to adopt technology, because new workplace tools and platforms offer the chance to improve efficiency. Whereas in one's personal life, efficiency is a nice quality at most, in the business world it contributes to concrete profits, so tech-based workplace tools are easy to justify.

Especially as the Millennial generation moves into the workplace, technology serves an important purpose in connecting employees with one another in a fluid and frictionless way. These tech tools come in the form of both hardware and software.

On the hardware front, conferencing tools like the Meeting Owl help businesses with frequent client meetings or dispersed employees to connect and discuss as if they were right next to one another. Software further facilitates a harmonious workplace, with tools like 'Vibe for Slack' that uses an algorithm to assess the language being used on a company's Slack platform, thus providing a general sense of morale across the company.

From Smart-Office Whiteboards to Team Check-In Bots: