The Crew App Enhances Communication for Mobile Workers

 - May 29, 2017
References: forbes & crewapp
The Crew app is an effective communication system that can be used by mobile workers as an alternative to the more disorganized methods of communication that these workers tend to use in order to do their jobs.

The app is a free service that aims to parallel the software programs that many companies use, which tend to revolve around the needs of office workers and not those who work in industries that require travel, moving from place to place regularly, or part-time workers. The app works when managers customizing their profiles for how their team works, and allows employees to communicate with one another in groups or individually, make announcements, manage schedules, and send photos and videos in order for workers to effectively communicate with one another.

The Crew app was designed specifically for mobile workers like restaurant managers, pharmacists, nurses, waiters, coaches, police and fire personnel.