- Sep 18, 2017
With the proliferation of shopping options available to consumers, brands are creating personalized shopping technologies in order to appeal to each individual consumer as much as possible. It's a safe bet that every consumer a brand hopes to entice will be online in some capacity, and so brands are harnessing digital experiences in the form of apps and platforms that expedite and customize shopping as much as possible.

Many brands have found ways to use technology to speed up the process of shopping in their stores or using their services. Nordstrom, for example, has a new online system that lets consumers reserve items virtually to then try on in the physical store – eliminating the need to spend time rifling through clothes racks. Further, AmazonFresh Pickup lets consumers effectively turn the grocery store into a drive-thru, with online orders that are then prepared for a specific time and loaded into consumers' cars by staff on-site.

From Voice Shopping Services to Virtual Mall Apps: