Handled's App Connects Consumers to a Personal Shopper Service

 - Aug 29, 2017
References: itshandled & psfk
Personal shopper services may seem like a luxury that only affluent consumers are interested in taking advantage of, but Handled is a Toronto-based business that's aiming to revolutionize the way shoppers access personalized shopping experiences.

With Handled's app, consumers are able to create a profile that sets out a budget and a timeline, so that a user may be matched to a dedicated "Handler." As Handled describes, a Handler has "has inside knowledge of sources and selections you’d never dream of." Although it is easy for many personal shoppers to go out and purchase all-new wardrobes for their clients, Handled's team of experts emphasize building or reinventing the pieces that its clients have already invested in.

In the coming year, Handled is set to expand with a reward and VIP programs.