- Oct 29, 2017
With summer over, the October 2017 mobile app trends reveal that consumers are eager to refocus on building connections -- be they romantic or otherwise -- and they are turning to technology to do so.

On the dating front, many consumers are looking beyond Tinder to other matchmaking apps that can help to better narrow down the perfect partner. One such app as is Hinge, which now offers a Hinge Matchmaker option that allows friends to suggest potential matches. The M8 app operates on a similar premise, in that friends help to pick each other's potential dates.

However, the October 2017 mobile app trends reveal that it is not just romantic connections that consumers are focusing on. For instance, China's Ding Ding app has more than 50 million users that turn to the networking app to connect with colleagues.

From Collaborative Dating Apps to Colleague-Connecting Apps: