The Echo Meter App Helps the General Public Track and Collect Data on Bats

 - Sep 11, 2017
References: & lifehacker
This educational bat-locating app aims to encourage civilians to record and monitor the species, providing valuable insight, while giving the often misjudged creatures a better name. Despite their large environmental contributions, bats remain a largely understudied species. The lack of information can be largely attributed to the general public's irrational fear of the creatures, a concept which this app aims to amend.

Upon downloading the innovative Echo Meter Touch Bat Detector, Recorder & Analyzer app, bat enthusiasts can change the "frequency of their echolocation so it’s audible through an iPhone or Android." This engaging tool makes it easier for the average person to get involved with the species, regardless of experience levels. The app, which allows users to locate and track bat-related information, will soon be able to store the recorded information in a public database.