The chemoWave App Aims to Enhance and Humanize Patient Journeys

 - Sep 12, 2017
References: cnbc & chemowave
The chemoWave is an app that is described by the company as a "virtual advocate," which seeks to support users as they are being treated for cancer.

The app is able to keep track of a variety of things that the user inputs between visits to the doctor – including medication logs, mood changes, and general physical health. When the patient visits the doctor, they are able to come prepared with the automatic graphs, charts, and logs that consolidate on the chemoWave app, in order to speak about their health in a more comprehensive and effective way. The app is able to provide doctors and healthcare workers with more insight into the treatment plans they have prescribed, and the physical and mental side effects that may result from those plans.

chemoWave works to track, support and enhance the individual patient journey, as well as give doctors a better understanding as a whole of how they should treat their patients moving forward.