'Deemr' Lets Users Provide Input on Others' Decisions

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: deemrapp & producthunt
Friends aren't always around to help with the tough decisions in life — things like whether to wear heels or flats, or whether to watch the newest season of Game of Thrones — so the Deemr app gives people the chance to harness the opinions of the internet at large. The app encourages users to ask for advice on decisions, and it lets other users on the network submit honest opinions about the question at hand.

Decisions posed in Deemr, which are labelled 'deems', get set for a limited period of time. Once the deadline has passed, the deem disappears forever. This encourages users to ask questions freely, since there's no consequences for asking something silly. Conversely, the framed, binary responses get submitted anonymously, so entering one's input is a pressure-free ask.