From GIF-Printing Polaroid Cameras to Gen Z Cosmetics Stores

 - Oct 29, 2017
Socializing has been around for millennia (longer if one includes animal socialization) and media has been around for hundreds of years, but social media has been around for hardly more than a decade — nonetheless, the advanced October 2017 social media trends make it seem as though the young form of communication has been around for eons.

Indeed, social media is so influential that it has begun to permeate even traditional media landscapes. Elle, the old and venerable magazine, has recently designed a cover for its Russian edition to look like an Instagram post, with tags printed onto the cover and the familiar Instagram post banner along the bottom.

Social media platforms themselves have gotten more complex as well, with new features that help them to stand out in an increasingly crowded environment. Snapchat, for example, has implemented Bitmoji into its posts through the use of AR, turning the Bitmoji into 3D avatars that react to the real-world environment.