From Geofilter Design Contests to Fan-Picked Snack Promotions

 - Dec 8, 2017
These branded crowdsourcing innovations range from fan-picked oatmeal promotions to geofilter design contests. Embracing the opinions of consumers, more brands are aiming to make their core audience a part of their design and marketing strategy in an effort to boost authenticity while strengthening core relationships.

When looking at marketing innovations, standouts include Quaker's Bring Your Best Bowl contest which allowed the oatmeal brand's fans to create its next best-selling flavor via Instagram. Another notable example is M & M's Coffee Nut candy release which was co-created by consumers after the brand launched its 'Flavor Vote' campaign.

When examining socially conscious examples of branded crowdsourcing, Google's Bay Area Impact Challenge campaign is a standout. The initiative involved community members in an effort to encourage funding for non-profits and allowed participants to vote for charities that most spoke to them.