Emerald Nuts' New Tagline, "Yes Good," Was Inspired by a Customer Review

 - Mar 29, 2017
References: yesgood.website & adweek
'The True Story of Yes Good' is a new video from Emerald Nuts that explains how its new tagline, "Yes Good," came to be. As the brand explains, it all started with a two-word customer review on Amazon that was shared in the summer of 2016.

The submission of the "two most positive words ever" has since sparked the creation of a new official tagline for the brand's snacks, as well as campaigns and a new site. The "yesgood.website" humorously shares the exact words of the anonymous customer's review, alongside items on their Amazon wishlist and a call for any information on the author of the viral review to be promptly submitted.

As well as leveraging crowdsourcing for the creation of new product designs and flavors, brands are now even experimenting with tweaking their identities with help from engaged customers.