'heartpie' Lets Users Request Videos to be Created

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: heartpie & betalist
The 'heartpie' platform is a community where users can request adult content to be created in a crowdsourced manner in order to foster creative, original content for users to enjoy. The community consists of users submitting or voting for "recipes" and having "bakers" create the NSFW content in order to earn money and a following by users on the platform.

The 'heartpie' platform aims to help decentralize the control when it comes to adult content in order to let users find the kind of stuff they're looking for. Users can purchase subscriptions and put more money towards getting content made in order to have it shared privately with a certain number of private fans or to the community-at-large. The platform acts as a private social network for users to interact and communicate in order to satisfy demand for a certain kind of content.