From Face-Tracking Emoticons to AI Interview Apps

 - Oct 29, 2017
With the recent announcement of the iPhone X, the October 2017 mobile trends are as popular as they've ever been in the past. Whether in terms of hardware or software, the mobile trends from the month show that consumers are being treated to the best that technology has to offer.

In the world of apps, developers are working to make use of the cultural cachet of celebrities in order to make apps more appealing to the masses. This can be seen in the new 'Gold Ambush' app, which features the comedian Kevin Harts' commentary as spoken by an avatar that looks just like him. Further, there's a new mobile game called 'Game of Thrones: Conquest' that uses the broad appeal of the fantasy franchise's universe to set up its gameplay.

Of course, the biggest news on the hardware front is the iPhone X, which comes with an impressive screen-to-bezel ratio and a powerful processor.