The Butt Case is Made to Look and Feel Like a Human's Rear End

 - Aug 30, 2017
References: handliberation
One company is taking great strides to ensure smartphone users have access to the most comfortable and ergonomic phone cases available, through developing The Butt Case -- a soft, bubble-like case modeled after, as the name suggests, a rear end.

The designer wanted to recreate the "most pleasurable form for the hand to touch," in a manner that's both non-sexual and highly user-friendly. Using silicone and synthetic rubber, this case was designed to look and feel like a real human posterior. Covered in a soft leather, the two bubble-like forms keep the user's hands comfortable, while the small strap helps maintain grip.

Allen Hirsch, the case's inventor, hopes the design helps to connect the "digital world with a pleasurable, tactile experience."